Nova Vision

A few words
about our company

The foundation of Nova Vision is a team of specialists with many years of experience. We have been creating and implementing integrated IT systems for over 10 years. Our achievements include hundreds of projects such as websites and online stores, mobile applications, dedicated IT systems, CRM systems and other solutions that optimize work. Thanks to the knowledge and commitment to existing projects, we are able to create IT tools ideally suited to each client. Our experience allows us to share knowledge and offer our clients solutions that will best meet the needs of each entrepreneur. The innovative solutions and IT tools we offer work well in every industry. Thanks to our systems, you are able to save a lot of time, simplify complicated procedures or integrate systems operating in parallel.

Contact with the customer

Proper communication with the client is the basis of designing IT systems. Contact with the client allows us to precisely define the needs and the selection of such tools and procedures that will fully satisfy the needs and expectations of future system users.

Our customers

In our work so far, we have implemented many projects of various sizes. Starting from simple websites through stores and their integration with storage systems, ending with CRM systems, dedicated company management systems or web applications. In our work so far, we have served, among others: